Community Living Winnipeg has reached a milestone this year, sharing our  50th anniversary with the national Canadian Association for Community Living.  Our organization was only eighteen years old when the first St. Charles Vipond Golf Classic was held in support of people with developmental disabilities.  For thirty four years, St. Charles Country Club has been part of our of our history.  On behalf of the children, adults and their families who  Community Living Winnipeg has supported through those years, we would like to express our appreciation to Simon Waller and his committee for the outstanding job they have done organizing the tournament.  Thank you to the spornsors, the golfers and staff of St. Charles.

Community Living Winnipeg believes that it is only through presence and participation in all aspects of society can a person fully experience being a member of their community.  Individuals and families have greater access to support options today than they did fifty years ago but we have learned that a really great life for someone can only be defined by their own dreams and goals.  After fifty years, we will not stop advocating for people to receive support in natural settings such as their own home, neighborhood schools, recreation centers, and workplaces and to achieve the status of full citizenship.

With the support of the Vipond Golf Classic, the Among Friends program was initiated for youth who were at risk of experiencing isolation with few opportunities to develop socials skills.   The variety of activities we offer to youth continues to expand and the kids are developing skills, friendships and many of their hidden talents.  The funds enabled us to apply for a grant from the Manitoba Arts Council and provide opportunities for the youth to discover new things about themselves through their art.  The young artists will have the opportunity to showcase their art at the Art Among Friends show at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  In addition, youth are participating in summer programs, leadership and self-determination workshops, and Circles of Friends in schools.  They are also discovering ways that they can give back to the community and we are seeing tomorrow’s leaders of the self advocacy movement.

Each and every day we have countless opportunities to make a difference.  Your participation in the Vipond Golf Classic makes it possible to help youth reach their potential.  You truly are making a difference and we thank you so much for your generous support.


2012 VIPOND St. Charles Golf Classic

Winning Team - Left to Right:
Bruce Nahorny, Ed Waggoner, Kevin Lacey RBC, Drew Cringan, Les Allen